Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer's Dog Days

Wow, they say time flies? You better believe it! After all the ruckus last week, I’m taking some much needed R & R (BONNIE’S NOTE: He means Rest & Relaxation, though the Mayor seems to be spending quite a bit of time down the road at Haverkamp’s, if you ask me!). The Town Hall is on summer hours, and I’m getting ready to resume campaigning full time in September.

Mainly, I happen to know my opponent is out of the country, and my ex-wife is gone to her parents summer place on Lake Wappahahoe. So things should be quiet for awhile at least. Seems downright peaceful, doesn’t it?

But don’t rest too easily, citizens of Verne. Things are going to get hotter before they get cooler, so stay tuned to the website!

God Bless Verne, and God Bless America.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Sorry I didn’t blog much this week. It’s been quite a whirlwind.

Folks, let’s face it. I belong in Verne. So I gave up a golden opportunity to remain your Mayor (BONNIE’S NOTE: See Weekly Video Update #4 on the website. Yay!). Let’s make a big push now to keep this train on the tracks. We’ll be talking a lot about fundraising in the days and weeks to come, and believe me, every little bit helps.

I’ll be traveling a bit through the rest of August, but we’ll keep you updated on the campaign through the website and the blog -- we're expecting BIG things in September!

God Bless Verne, and God Bless America.