Monday, November 10, 2008


After all the excitement last week, I know a lot of you citizens of Verne are wondering what's happening with the Mayor's Office. If you saw our last Weekly Update, you know that Danforth Quinn is better at evaluating tax forms than he is at evaluating someone's medical condition!

Right after the election, I took a week off to go far away and visit my uncle and his family, help him with a little work on his house, and clear my head. When I got back, I found things pretty much as I left them: I'm the acting Mayor, Bonnie is still running day-to-day operations here at Town Hall, and Mr. Quinn is working on the 2009 budget.

This was not my plan when I asked some of you to write in my name. We have averted Mr. Blank's scheme for a new mall/megastore, but I have other plans which don't necessarily include serving as your Mayor. Right now, the most I can promise is that I'll be here until a suitable replacement can be found, or the Mayor comes out of his coma, whichever comes first.

Until then, please keep checking this blog, and the Mayor's website for more details. As he used to say...

God Bless Verne, and God Bless America.