Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well folks, we've got the video updates fully functional on the website, through the hard work of a lot of folks on the staff, and my nephew Danny. I couldn't have done it without them. And speaking of the website, I've looked at some of the pages, the ones Bonnie has shown to me anyway, and I think it's something the whole town can be proud of. A lot more proud than a few other websites I'd rather not mention (BONNIE'S NOTE: The Mayor is talking about his ex-wife's site, She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Such bitterness. She got the house, but the Mayor retained all the principles).

What I like about the video updates is, they'll give us a chance to get our side of the story out there. And I want to make it clear, I've given Danny full creative control, even though he has less experience than any of my old assistants on "Travelin' Man", and believe me, those numbskulls could barely make a decent cup of coffee. So I've put him together with Tony Beaver, who runs Memories by Beaver, the best wedding and anniversary video company in town. I think the two of them will make a heckuva team (BONNIE'S NOTE: I don't trust either of those two. Danny hasn't been able to hold a job since high school, and Tony... well, Tony's not in danger of winning any loyalty awards, let's just leave it at that).

One last thing -- we officially welcome Amelia Martelle to the team. She showed up unannounced last week, told us she's from a non-profit out-of-town outfit, here to help us manage the Winston Blank new mall problem (BONNIE'S NOTE: What a lovely young woman! So intelligent, and a smart dresser too!) . Good to have her aboard.

The humidity came back this week. Anyone in need of a break, stop by Town Hall, where the A.C. is cranking 24/7. God Bless Verne, and God Bless America.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, who's paying for that 24/7 AC?

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Anonymous, the town pays for it... Many studies have shown worker productivity increases with their level of comfort!

But Lord knows, the Mayor keeps it cool in there!

Anonymous said...

Memories by Beaver did a great job for our wedding and honeymoon video and they'll do a great job for the Mayor. Good to see Verne-made products being used in the campaign!

Unknown said...

Bonnie, I want you to understand, as I say this in the nicest way possible, that adding your private comments to the Mayor's blog is not in the best interests of the campaign. Do you realize that the general public can read those comments? Even people you don't know?

For instance, your opinion of the Mayor's media production staff is NOT constructive. I urge and plead with you to do your best to desist from this behavior in future and just transcribe what the Mayor outputs from his dictaphone.

Danforth Quinn, CPA

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Mr. Quinn, what are you doing up so late at night? I'm going to chalk your peevish tone up to simple insomnia, because the Danforth Quinn I know has always known I only have the Mayor's best interest at heart!

The Mayor has given me full permission to administer this blog as I see fit, by the way.